Perks to being a “fitness mommy”

fintess mom

This must be my week for lists!!! As we all know there are pros and cons to every choice that we make in our lives, so I figured I would shed some light on a few  of the ” pros” to being a mom who lives in the fitness world!


1) Never a bad hair day:  We always have our hair up in a pony, messy bun , hat or head band so if you need a cut or a color or even a good shampoo nobody will ever know!

2) It is super easy to get dressed in the morning :  Everything goes with black Wunder Unders!!!

3) So much easier to get your kids who hate to bath into the shower:  Just tell them ” you are starting to smell like mommy when she gets home from the gym”! That will surely get the biggest ” pig pen” to wash up!

4) Super easy to get the toys picked up : all those squats on leg day really pay off!!

5) Able to hold your ground:  you won the plank challenge at the gym so you can handle any standoff you teen may bring at you!

6) Best head band collection: and you can steal from your kids as well!

7) Never have to worry about running into people at the store and not looking just perfect :  They know you probably just came from the gym so no make-up is necessary ( and see #1 )… even if you just rolled out of bed they will never know!!!

8) Best cheerleader on the sidelines of you kids games :  You are always cheering on the other peeps in you group fitness classes so you are a pro for you kids! ( tho they may get a little embarrassed with all the ” Woo Hoo’s ” you woohooers know who you are!)

9) You look dressed up in your jeans :  Now that you finally take off the black luon and wash your hair and maybe toss on a little lip gloss you look like you are headed to a red carpet even ( that is if you can find jeans to go over your AMAZINGLY strong gams …. that is another post for another day )

10) You save money on  your electric bill because you are not running the dryer as often: You know those workout clothes do not go in the dryer ( here is a con… hubby hates having to pick thru all the wet stuff to find the workout clothes and them to hang everything so it is hard to get him to help with this chore )

11) You impress you kids with you hip music knowledge :  The same songs you are working out to are probably the same songs they are jamming to with their friends ( again see #8 this may embarrass a few )

12) Having a Mary Poppins style gym bag : If anybody ever needs a snack, pony holder  ,head band , clean socks, change of clothes , towel to dry off a spill ,  forgotten pit stick before soccer practice, gym shoes on gym day ( that is if you have a teen the same shoe size as you , and I do )  and maybe the cure for cancer …. you will have it in your gym bag!

13)  and biggest reward  …. You the importance of raising you children with healthy values and making sure the household is an environment where everybody has the opportunity to grow up happy, healthy and self confident !!!

I could go on and on…. I am sure you all have some pros so please share!!

Cheers to all of us Fitness Mommies…. keep on rocking!!!

xoxoxo your skinny genes

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