Teen Topic Tuesdays…Till Next Time

So if I am being completely honest here, I definitely procrastinate.  A lot.  Along with many other teens, and even adults.  “Only one more show, because I know I only have a little bit of homework,” or anything along those lines.  I do seem to get in trouble not only by my parents, but for myself, too.  A lot of times I just put things off, mostly because I do not want to do them.  One of the things that really has not occurred to me until lately is that my procrastination may also be affecting others.

For one, when was the last time I wrote a blog post?  The answer is not for a while, and I realized that not only do I get in trouble for not doing something that I said I would, I am letting down my mom because she has worked so hard to do something that I committed to do with her, and now I am not doing my part.  Thinking about, I really hate when other kids in my class say that they are going to help their part in a project then never do, but I never really thought that I was actually doing the same thing to other people.  I would never want that to happen to me, so why was I doing this?

I am just being completely honest in this post, because I want people to read and know that, yeah, I am going through this, too; so…it’s not just you. :)  I really want to try to cut back on the amount of procrastination, and I really think the root of that is my prioritizing skills.  Honestly, I am very bad at prioritizing.  I obviously know what has to get done, but I have really bad impulse control, so I end up watching lots of TV instead of actually doing what has to get done.  It’s really not getting me anywhere, though.

I am going to set myself a goal right now, and I hope that you go along with me, whether or not it has to do with procrastination; maybe just set a small goal that builds up over time.  This goal is going to be based on something that you struggle with.  Mine is impulse control…including candy, junk food, TV, etc. etc.  I want to start a small goal that will get me out of my bad habit.  My goal is going to be to not watch TV until all of my homework is finished.  If I can hold on to that goal, my next goal is going to be to give myself a limit.  Time to fight the impulse control.

See ya next Tuesday,


One thought on “Teen Topic Tuesdays…Till Next Time

  1. Toby, this is well written, and I totally get ya! I am the same way and I hate it. Strangely, when I was your age I was the opposite. So good with priorities and getting things done when I needed to without outside distraction. Now, at at 32.. What the heck happened?! Maybe after years of school I somewhat burned out? Well-that’s unexceptable and it needs to change. Thank you for this article and possibly the spark I needed to ignite that change! Xxoo Valerie

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