Loving me some sunshine


Sorry I have been MIA lately…. been studying for my Health Coach Cert and getting ready for a new chapter in my life , more on that to come so stay tuned!!

Oh it is so nice to finally have a warm sunny day here (not sure how long it will last), it just makes everybody so happy!!  I decided to run with the “so happy” theme today.  Just a few cuties to get you going this weekend.  Really no rhyme or reason for these…. just been in a funk and needed a little something-something to get me out (you know those where everything is going one way and you are trying to turn it the other)

So here’s to new starts and new favorites!!! We got to keep stirring the Awesome Sauce!

Lynn Knowlton’s blog makes me smile big time…. she is artistic and snarky and sassy all at the same time!! Love her info on taking photos and using apps.  She really rocks!!!  Totally crushing on this phone case .



Eat Fresh Food: Awesome Recipes for Teen Chefs

This is a great guide for kids who want to get involved in the kitchen.  Some really simple, healthy  recipes .  This is the best way to get your teens to eat better… get them cooking!!!



Holy Crap I am in love with these For Such a Time Designs  untensiles….. seriously can’t decide which one to order first!!



These Sheffa Savory  bars are the best things!! I do love a sweetish breakfast bar in the morning but if I am running all day and need something I do not want sweet.  They are the perfect snicky snack…. not a ton of protein so it is not a sub for a meal, but it is all natural .  Made with legumes , whole grains, and seeds.  It is nut, gluten and dairy free.  There are 4 different types , give them all a go and see which one knocks your socks off!


Girlshealth.gov is a great little site for all things healthy for our teens.  It covers all things from exercise tips and nutrition to relationships !  Great resource for both moms and teens.


So I hope you have found a little sunshine today, and even if it is not up in the sky it can be found somewhere else …. so just look for it my loves!!

xoxoxo your skinny genes

One thought on “Loving me some sunshine

  1. Wow Rory !!!

    Thanks girl !! It has been a looooooooong winter, and your post has me dreaming of sunny days and skinny genes too :)))

    P.s I’m in love with the gorgeous utensils too !! xx

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