Spring into action !

springAh so I am totally hoping spring is on its way!!! It is a long time coming and so desperately  needed!  I love spring, aside from all the snow melting and the sun shining, it is a time of rebirth.   Everything’s true colors start to show and all the grey shakes off.

That is kind of how I feel internally at this time….. time to shake off all the grey.  Time to find your true colors. I have always been a list person, sometimes my lists have their own lists.  I think it is a great way to have tabs on what is going on and what has to get done.  You tend to forget less when you have it written down (unless you lose your list and I have done that many a times).

So my thought for this new spring season is why not make some lists to help shake out the old and help direct you to your true colors.

Here are 10 questions that you can give 5 answers to, maybe you will finally muster up the courage to tackle something you have wanted to do for years, maybe you will discover something new you had no idea you wanted and maybe you will fall a little deeper in love with yourself and your life:

1) Write down 5 goals, doesn’t matter the size or time it will take , and then why these are your goals

2) Write down 5 things you LOVE about yourself, and why .

3) Write down 5 things that kind of bum you about you, and why

4) Write down 5 foods you have always wanted to try.

5) Write down 5 activities you have always wanted to try (cooking class, new fitness class, art class , karaoke )

6) Go back to question #1 and write down 5 ways to start to work towards those goals

7) Go back to question #3 and write down ways that you can learn to love the things that bum you out

8) Write down 5 things you would like to do for somebody else

9) If  you won $200.000 in the lottery how would you spend it ( 5 things can’t save or give to other peeps all for you and your fam!)

10) This spring list 5 things you would like to do to wake up the space you live in.

Woohaaa… totally overwhelming right.  I know tons and tons of info, so what do you do with it!  The beauty of this is you can do whatever you want.

Step back and look at the lists, what are they telling you, what do you see…… then decide what you want to do with all your beautiful new information.  Did you learn anything new about you?

You may not want to tackle this just now, so stick in the drawer and check back in a few.  Maybe you take one answer from one question each week , try it on see how it fits and then move on.  Or maybe you are looking for a big change and this has pointed you on your new road.

Whatever it is… it is your journey and you get to decide.  Just promise me you will not waste all that you have to offer!!! Go out and show the world just how AWESOME you woke up today!!

xoxoxox , your skinny genes

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